A Philosophical/Theological Commentary

The Origin of Evil

Epicurus - middle

Epicurus (341-270 BCE)

Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?”_Epicurus

Let us assume, for the sake of argument, that God actually exists.

Let us, then, go back in time; to the dawn of time; on a hypothetical journey to the time before “time” even began; to that time referred to in Scripture as “In the beginning”.

At a certain point during our imaginary journey into preexistence we will come across God deep in thought mulling over the idea of creating the very universe in which we humans now reside. A blink of an eye later and we will witness God begin the process of devising and creating the material and immaterial substances that will comprise what theists now maintain is a super-Intelligently designed, perfectly engineered, and lovingly-created cosmos. 

At an intensely critical juncture during this process, and armed with the supernatural foreknowledge of the catastrophic results that the creation of evil will bring about, God, nevertheless, will proceed to use his own free-will to not only conceive, design, and create a perfect form of evil in all its vulgar manifestations, but deliberately do so and then move on to consciously unleash it upon hapless, defenseless, man without mercy.

When Epicurus asked: Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? The answer is not only was He unwilling, but evil is a substance He went out of his way to devise and create! That is to say, He actually “invented” evil (along with suffering and death)—and at a time when He had the free-will not to! Again, assuming here that the creature “God” actually exists.

In light of the foregoing we must, once again, ask the theist: Who or what could possibly be more evil than the Creator of “Evil”? And correspondingly: Why on earth would anyone wish to worship and adore such a fiendish creature?! Yet man does – even passionately so! Go figure.

Greywolf’s 1st Dictum: There can be no greater evil in all of existence than the Creator of evil. The conscious, deliberate act of creating evil is, in itself, inherently evil. End of story

Greywolf’s 2nd Dictum: If it happened, God wanted it to. If He didn’t, it would never have happened. (Assuming that the Creature actually exists, of course.) Note: This would include every human tragedy, every evil to befall man. Would it not? – A sobering conclusion that needs to be honestly addressed by brave, uncompromising individuals in their quest for the truth.

End of Part II

[Part III will deal with the Christian fundamentalist’s response to Epicurus, and more. Stay tuned!]

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