On Hiatus

December 5, 2009

  A Personal Commentary 

The Atheist Observer is on hiatus.

This atheist is involved in a hellacious life and death struggle for his very existence out here in Marinette County, Wisconsin . . . and I’m clearly losing the battle. Actually, I have decidedly lost it already. It’s just a matter of time now. No cavalry to the rescue for this non-believer, it appears.

The evil “religious” man can do to his fellow man just numbs the mind . . . and all the while projecting an utterly false and hypocritical image of noble piety while perpetrating it.

In “punishing” the atheist holding an extremely reasoned difference of opinion forming his non-belief, religious man violently violates some of the most noble precepts of his religion; the “Golden Rule” of his faith. What, then, is the point of his religious upbringing, his religious stance? Just disgusting

Virulent politically-related corruption and anti-atheist sentiment on the part of the powers that be rule with an iron-fist out my way, while otherwise “good” men and women in my community (and elsewhere) stand idly by continuing to do not a thing about it, unfortunately.

And religious man is morally superior to the atheist?


I am in desperate need of help. But to my deep disappointment I find that none is coming from any quarter – at least none that I’m aware of.

What is going on out here is unspeakably cruel and heinous. Words not said lightly. They are based on fact.

We human beings must be better than this. We have to be. That this could happen in my America grieves me to no end.

I fervently hope no one else reading these words is suffering a similar fate.