And So it Goes . . .

January 20, 2010

 A Personal Commentary

Still breathin’. Still alive. Still trapped out here on the outskirts of town.

With all the suffering that is presently going on in this country – primarily financial – I can hardly expect to receive any appreciable sympathy or genuine help out here. That’s well understood. Besides, what can an individual atheist, or the atheist organizations nation-wide do if state politicians refuse to put a stop to what I’ve been, and continue to be, subjected to? Especially seeing how difficult it may be for some to believe what’s been going on out here has actually been going on.

It all comes down to my word versus that of county officials and certain Wisconsin politicians in regards to my plight. And it’s rather obvious who is going to be believed more so than the other. Not a thing I can do about it but try and supply documented evidence buttressing my position and hope the politicians who have permitted what has happened pay for it, at at least politically, somewhere down the road. What they’ve permitted is unconscionable. (So too in regards to those accomodating locals choosing to go along with all this!) How sad.

The “loon” is talking “loony”, one might tend or like to surmise. But without an honest examination of some supra-critical documents not being given the rightful scrutiny they deserve, there’s virtually nothing I can do to counter the notion – no matter how true the facts of my case may be. There’s simply nothing I can do about it.

This country is in the pitiful state it is presently in precisely because of the type of individuals who contol my county. They have their way with virtual impunity – thanks to the unscrupulous politicians who aid and abet them. They seem to live in a parallel universe partly disassociated from the rest of us, and yet in a world in which they simultaneously misuse and abuse us to satisfy their own self-serving selfish needs to the detriment of ours. And all with astounding ease. It’s a problem more systemic than many an American realizes.

And so I sit in virtual isolation and confined to a structure unfit to live in, under truly appalling conditions.

Still, I’m quite the proud atheist who has successfully resisted every effort on the part of some rather intense, sanctimonious Christian locals (and others) trying either to convert me, or else have me kowtow to the big-wigs who really run Marinette County – along with the subordinates who rule over my home town.

The behavior of these people illuminates Christianity at its ugliest; the lack of honesty and integrity, the lack of moral backbone on the part of certain politicians in my congressional district – particularly in regards to my plight – just absolutely pathetic. Shame on them.

The solution to their dilemna? Why leave me out here to endure this fiendish ordeal indefinitely, of course! (Quite the antithesis of Jesus’s “Golden Rule”, they’d have to admit. Wouldn’t they? The principle of treating others in the same manner we would like to be treated being extolled in both religion and philosophy, I might add.)

I am painfully aware I have fought a losing fight in the most lop-sided manner imaginable.

Far too many Americans in this present economic, culture-ravaged, period in our history are suffering as well – albeit in other ways. So, I suppose, virtually no one can be expected to care all that much about what’s going on out here. And all things considered, I can’t really blame the outsider for that. That’s life, unfortunately.

Let’s face it: the “bad guys” have the upper-hand presently. They simply have too many “friends” in government seeing to their prosperity. They form a cancer that is bringing our beloved country to it’s knees. Our politicians, in far too many instances – but certainly not all – have become a huge part of the problem instead of the solution to our woes.

At this stage of things I fully realize that what I am attempting to do is utterly futile, utterly hopeless. But to just cease and desist isn’t going to change things for the better, will it? And so on it goes.

Note: I would like to continue composing bible-related and theological articles from an atheist perspective, but am hamstrung to do so satisfactorily enough due to the ever deteriorating conditions just depleting the heck out of me out here. Wish it were otherwise.

To be continued . . .